This report is the culmination of a two year project that sought to hear and centre the voices of trans and non-binary staff and students at Anglican Foundation universities. Against a backdrop of anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric from leading Church authorities, our research explored the possibilities for chaplaincies on university campuses to support trans and non-binary students and staff, of all faiths and beliefs. The report draws on interviews with trans Priests, chaplains, staff and students and makes recommendations aimed at improving inclusion. The report has been commended by participants: Revd Dr Christina Beardsley states: ‘I feel well listened to, understood, and insightfully interpreted back to myself’; Dr Michael Bonshor writes: ‘ground-breaking … thought-provoking … refreshingly inclusive … should be required reading for anyone who teaches or works with trans and non-binary individuals’. The report includes original artwork by trans artist, Fox Fisher. We have made the report open access in a freely downloadable PDF available here and will also post print copies on request: please contact and