Are you trans or non-binary?
Do you make films, videos, moving image art, videography, TikToks, YouTube videos…?
Are you a professional member of a film production crew? A student of film or media? An enthusiast?
This project asks: ‘are there filmmaking cultures in the UK that are supportive of trans and non-binary people?’

This study is open to people of all trans and non-binary identities who are also any kind of filmmaker or film worker. Film and Media students are encouraged to enter, but all applicants must be 18+ and have some experience making film work somewhere in the UK (not necessarily permanently resident or formally employed).

The study comprises of a 45-minute Zoom interview and a separate, hour-long Zoom focus group with as many participants as are interested. The timeframe for the study is versatile and can be formed around participant needs. You will be able to view interview questions beforehand and will be encouraged to collaborate and form questions to ask others ahead of the focus group.

For more information on the study, if you’re unsure about the requirements or if you have any questions at all, please get in touch with Sammy, the primary researcher, via

Feel free to pass this call along to others who may be interested. I advise potential participants to get in touch ASAP due to the time commitments of the study.

For an example of what this may look like at its end, please view this video: US HERE NOW at The Turnpike