We are looking for images (1-3 per submission) and brief captions (100 words max.) of work by trans and gender non-conforming artists that represent a wide range of lived experience in order to further marginalised perspectives.

This is an unpaid opportunity established by the non-profit Feminist Gender Equality Network (FGEN) and run by volunteers from our Media and Visual Cultures teams. Submitted works will be featured on FGEN social media accounts during our December 19th campaign.

The captions and image(s) you submit can be of your works and/or yourself in celebration of your creative practice in any style or media, we just ask that you stick to the themes of hope and acceptance because our campaign aims to share positive gender inclusive messages. Ideally, the posts will celebrate gender diverse experiences while also being open and honest about the realities.

Open to all ages and abilities. The work can be your own or by someone else, but please do credit the artist fully. Please also supply your social media details if you would be happy to, as we would love to tag you when we post your submissions.

To submit, please send your 1-3 images and 100 word caption to dawn.woolley@leeds- art.ac.uk by 5pm on December 15th 2021.

For examples of what this might look like, please see a similar initiative by the Courtauld Institute of Art’s LGBTQIA+ Society on their Instagram here – https://www.instagram.com/lgbtqia_courtauld/

Here’s one example of what your submission might look like

Photographic self-portrait from Claude Cahun’s ‘I am in training don’t kiss me’ series (c.1927)

Caption: Photographic self-portrait from Claude Cahun’s ‘I am in training don’t kiss me’ series (c.1927). Here’s Claude, the gender non-conforming, Jewish, anti-facist, Surrealist hero.

“Shuffle the cards. Masculine? Feminine? It depends on the situation. Neuter is the only gender that always suits me” – Claude Cahun.

Submitted by Cas Bradbeer (they/them) @toogayforthisssh(Instagram)