For immediate release: Major new academic network formed to combat transphobia in the UK

This release is distributed by Trans media Watch on behalf of the Gender Inclusion Network:

The Gender Inclusion Network (GIN), a major new global movement, dedicated to countering anti-trans propaganda at home and abroad, and spear-headed by academics in UK universities, was launched this week by Professor Sally Hines, Chair of Sociology at the University of Sheffield and Dr. Natacha Kennedy, Lecturer in Education at Goldsmiths, University of London

According to Professor Hines: “There is now a sense of outrage, within academia, at the complete misrepresentation of trans and gender-diversity related issues in the UK. The reality is that there is a broad consensus in favour of the inclusion of trans people in society, coupled with a richness of work exploring the complex meanings of gender and sex the 21st century.

“Yet this is hardly ever reported in the UK media. Instead, we have simplistic narratives of ‘conflicting rights’. The very existence of trans people is represented as supposedly at odds with women or feminism. Yet this does not echo the views of students and staff that I work with everyday who, like the majority of people elsewhere in the UK, fully support the rights of trans people and celebrate gender diversity in all its forms.”

Hines added: “This week, the EU joined the UN in condemning the UK for its increasing disregard for Human Rights. Likening the UK record to that of Hungary and Poland, two countries notorious for their anti-LGBT agendas, it specifically referenced transphobia on the part of the UK press and political establishment as a major part of the problem.

“That is why I, and over a thousand other academics like me, felt we could no longer stay silent.”


Formed in July 2021, the Gender Inclusion Network (GIN) is a cross-sector, interdisciplinary international organisation that seeks to:
advance the understanding of gender and sex as fluid categories

  • protect the rights and needs of people of all (or no) gender
  • counter transphobia of all forms in social life and institutions, legal structures, political movements and media and cultural representation
  • counter sexism and gender-based violence and discrimination
  • further intersectional understanding and political mobilisation to stress the relationship between gender and other social inequalities
  • forward self and bodily autonomy and reproductive choice and rights
  • develop social, cultural, legal, and policy frameworks to forward the above
  • share knowledge and expertise, and develop best practice

GIN has over 1,000 members and is expanding rapidly. Membership is comprised of academics and students, educationalists, health and medical professionals, policy makers, lawyers, community organisations, and a wide range of other professions including trade unionists, members of religious and faith-based organisations, scientists, business leaders, activists, and media and cultural industry professionals. In the last 2 months we have grown to over a Network of 1,000 members and we are expanding rapidly.

GIN is led by Professor Sally Hines (University of Sheffield) and Natacha Kennedy (Goldsmiths, University of London). The Network is structured around thematic streams, which bring people together in their areas of expertise.

These include: education, health and health care, equality, diversity and inclusion, law and policy, crime and criminal justice, sport, media and visual culture, violence, political representation and trade unionism, the third sector, galleries, libraries and museums, social work and counselling, race and ethnicity, religion and faith, sexualities, families and intimacy, ageing and later life, and employment.

GIN will disseminate ideas through publications and reports. It will hold a range of in-person and virtual events including conferences, workshops and seminars, discussion groups, film showings, book launches and exhibitions.

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