THE SMALL COMMITTEE ROOM: Open all day as a quiet space 



9.30 – 9.45: WELCOME –Natacha Kennedy, Stephen Whittle


9.45 – 11.00: KEYNOTE – Julia Serano: Feminism, Sexualization, and Anti-Trans Activism (Chair: Natacha Kennedy)


11.00 – 11.15: BREAK


11.15 – 12.15: SESSION ONE: PANELS 

ASSEMBLY HALL: Gender ‘Critical’ Feminism

Claire Thurlow: The Gender Critical Pivot from Anti-trans to ‘Pro-women’.

Natacha Kennedy: Trans Exclusionism: The normalisation of tacit and explicit marginalisation of trans people.

Camila Montiel McCann: The Appropriation of Trans-exclusionary “Feminism” to Reproduce and Update Hegemonic Femininity in British Broadsheet Newspapers.

Braedyn Ezra Simon: “Gender Critical Feminism”: A critical look into the colonial remnants of gender discourse.

LARGE COMMITTEE ROOM: Trans Health Care (Chair: Ash Bainbridge) 

Gillian Love and Elaney Youssef: Trans and Non-binary Perinatal Care: Emerging findings and new directions

Stepney and S. Martin: Experiences of trans and gender diverse youth and their families –

Jodie Hughes: The effects of Gender on Health-related Quality of Life in People with Endometriosis 

Tereza Hendl and Loren Britton: Interrogating Gender-oppressive Social Structures: How to better support transgender people

THE OLD SERVERY: Embodied and Sexual Cultures (Chair: Francis Ray White)

Gemma Williams, Gemma Commane, Keeley Abbott and Annalise Weckesser: Countering Violence through Bodily Autonomy: Reflections from ‘Bean Flicks,’ an intersectional porn festival celebrating marginalised bodies and sexualities.

Harry Wyld: The Trans Body: A Site of Political Discourse.

Sebastian Mylly: Navigating the Cis Gaze and Staging the Trans Body.

Alanah Mortlock: Trans for who, Black for who? The coalescence of anti-trans and anti-Black rhetoric in the transracialism debates 

MEDIUM COMMITTEE ROOM: Teaching and Researching Gender and Sexuality (Chair: Sharon Cowan)

James Cummings: “Currently Not Teaching Trans 101”: The experiences of trans men and masc non-binary folk in digital gay spaces.

Kit Heyam: But were They Really Trans?”: Trans histories and activism.

Matt. C. Smith: The Choreographing of Trans in and out of Urban Planning.


12.15 – 13.15: LUNCH 



13.15 – 14.30: KEYNOTE – Marquis Bey: Trans Radicality and Abolitionist Politics. (Chair: Robin Todd) 


14.30 – 14.40: BREAK



ASSEMBLY HALL: Roundtable – Researching Trans People’s Marginalisation and Resistance in Social Media, Gina Gwenffrewi and Charlotte Galpin 

LARGE COMMITTEE ROOM: Roundtable – Trans-inclusion in gender-based violence and women’s services, Gender and violence research group

THE OLD SERVERY: Film Rebel Dykes (90mins) and Q&A with Directors Harri Shanahan and Sîan Williams and Producer Siobhan Fahey.

MEDIUM COMMITTEE ROOM: RoundtableRepresenting Gender in Diverse Times, Visual Cultures Research Group.


15.40 – 15.50: BREAK



ASSEMBLY HALL: Panel – Gender and Education (Chair: EJ Renold)

Anna Carlile: The Buddhist Centre and the Ballet Class: How transgender and non-binary youth find their way in extra-curricular spaces.

Katie Reynolds: Exploring the Experiences of Trans and Non-binary Educators in the UK.

Alice Barber and Emily M. Pattinson: LGBTQ+ health in the medical curriculum: A call for change 

LARGE COMMITTEE ROOM: Panel – Representation and activism (Chair: Feona Attwood)

Lukasz Szulc: Digital Gender Contestations Social Media and Democracy in a Cross-Stance, Cross-Culture and Cross-Platform Perspective.

Olu Jenzen, Megan Collier and Matt Trenner: UK Media Representation of Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth.

Ece Kocabıçak: When the Myth of Biological Sex Damages Feminist Struggle: Turkey’s withdrawal from the İstanbul convention 

THE OLD SERVERY: Film – Rebel Dykes (90mins) and Q&A with Directors Harri Shanahan and Sîan Williams and Producer Siobhan Fahey. (Chair: Dawn Woolley) 

MEDIUM COMMITTEE ROOM: Panel – Inequality, Crime and Abuse (Chair: Julie Miller)

Sarah Lamble: Fake News, False Facts and Flawed Narratives: On the use and misuse of evidence in the Trans Prisoner Policy Debate.

Jessica Randal: A Missed Opportunity: Consultation on amending the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

Ben Collier and Sharon Cowan: Concept Capture and Category Co-option: Recording Sex/Gender Data in the Criminal Justice System

Siouxsie Bytheway: Heteronormative Discourse: Therapist social constructions of intimate partner abuse (IPA) in queer relationships.  


16.50– 17.00: BREAK 


17.00 – 18.15: KEYNOTE – Agnieszka Graff and Elżbieta Korolczuk, Anti-Gender Politics in the Populist Moment (Chair: Emma Proctor)