While at the conference we advise: 

Please refrain from taking photos. Please respect that some people will not wish to be photographed. There will be a designated photographer. 

Everyone has access needs, we encourage all to communicate if they have any accessibility needs to be met. 

Please communicate with volunteers, organisers, event staff and security if you have any safety concerns. 

The main hall has adjustable lighting and the technical team are able to accommodate if there are any issues. 

Tags are available to state your name and pronoun. Disclosure is your choice. We cannot assume pronouns by looking. 

Be upfront about any barriers you may have and communicate any concerns you have about your sense of safety. 

A quiet room is available. We encourage those who need quiet time to ask one of the volunteers or organisers to direct you to the quiet room if you feel overwhelmed.

Consider having a ‘buddy’ to pair with if you are feeling uncomfortable in a large space or group situation. 

Keeping to schedule is an accessibility issue, please allow good time keeping. 

We are disabling chat in live streams as we are conscious that the chat medium is a disruption to screen readers and for some neurodivergent people. You can write comments or questions to the online panel moderator 

Some people are not comfortable speaking in group